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The Human Resource Department is responsible for the management of people within the organization. The department’s responsibilities include attracting, hiring members of staff, keeping them in their positions and ensuring that they perform to expectation. It is also responsible for organization of people in the organization and plans for future […]

Human Resources Department

Our mandates covers respective financial matters with relation to services given to our clients and meet the need to use systems and procedures in place to accurately and reliably record all relevant financial transactions and other information needed to be disclosed our financial statements. All policy matters related to financial […]

Finance Department

Quality improvement activities: Introduction: QI unit is sub unit in the administrative department and QI staff will work closely with all the heads of departments to ensure quality improvement strategies are developed and implemented across all sections/units of the organization. Activities carried out from the unit: In order to provide […]

Quality improvement

Aim and Objective The Nursing Department aims to provide exceptional outcomes for patients and families through safe, quality, and caring services. The nurse workforce consists of ward managers, clinical nurses, registered nurses and enrolled nurses. Our team embraces local and international nurses from different areas of the world. Likewise, our […]